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Energy storage technology


  Advantages of lead-carbon battery energy storage system  


  Smooth Access to Renewable Energy  


  Peak Elimination and Valley Filling in Load Zone  

Green energy, such as wind power and photovoltaic, has attracted wide 

attention due to its advantages of pollution-free, wide distribution, renewable 

and energy-intensive. In recent years, the development of green energy power

generation is very rapid. However, the characteristics of green energy power

generation are strong randomness and volatility, which causes the phenomenon of wind abandonment and light abandonment in China to be quite serious.

Energy storage system can effectively overcome the fluctuation of renewable

energy generation systems, such as wind power, photovoltaic power, by virtue of its operational characteristics such as replenishment and release.


1) Super long cycle life: 60% DOD deep cycle times exceed 3000, design life 15 years;

2) High safety: safe to use, no flammable and explosive danger;

3) Low power consumption: about 1/2 of lithium-ion batteries and 1/3 of traditional

lead-acid batteries;

4) Environmental protection: Waste batteries with high residual value, about 20% of the price of new batteries, can be completely recycled and reused;

5) Strong charging acceptance: the maximum acceptable charging current is 0.6C, which is three times as much as that of ordinary lead-acid batteries, and the full time of 0.2C

current is less than 7 hours.


With the increase of electricity consumption, the diurnal peak-valley difference  

of power consumption is increasing. At the same time, more and more industrial 

enterprises with highly automated production lines and users involved in

information and security fields put forward higher requirements for load-side

power quality. Energy storage makes possible sources dispatchable. It not only

plays an important role in power generation, transmission, substation,

distribution and power consumption, but also is widely used in microgrid.

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