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Circular of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology the General Office of the State Development Bank on speeding up the Promotion of Industrial Energy Saving and Green Development


The branches of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government and the cities under the plan, the industrial and information authorities of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, and the provincial (district and city) branches of the State Council:

In ord to serve that national ecological civilization construction strategy of the service, promote the high-quality industrial development, industry and information department of the industry, The State Council will further play a part-line cooperation advantage, fully support the industrial energy-saving and energy-saving measures with the aid of the green financial measures, reduce the cost and increase the efficiency, and realize the green development. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

I. Fully understand the importance of finance to support the energy-saving and green development of the industry

In ord to promote that energy-saving and green development of the industry, it is an inevitable requirement to implement the central committee of the CPC and the State Council on speeding up the construction of the ecological civilization and building a high-quality modern economic system. It is an important measure to deeply advance the structural reform of the supply side and realize the upgrading of industrial transformation. The competent departments of industry and information at all levels and branches of the State Council shall be fully aware of the important significance of this work, deepen the cooperation, play a policy-oriented and comprehensive financial advantage, and follow the systemic thinking of the source emission reduction, the end management, the technical optimization and the whole-process monitoring. Further improve the policy support, explore the mechanism innovation, adjust the structure, optimize the layout, promote the development, accelerate the formation of the promotion mechanism of the industrial green development in the new period, and foster the new kinetic energy of the economy.

II. Focus on the key areas, and give full play to the supporting role of green financial means on industrial energy-saving and green development

In accordance with the Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)> (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology 2016-225), <The guidance on strengthening the green development of the economic belt of the Yangtze River (Joint Section of the Ministry of Industry and Information, No.2017-178), and the three-year plan of action for the prevention and control of the pollution and control of the industrial and communication industry (section of the Ministry of Industry and Information,2018-136), etc., to take the economic belt of the Yangtze River, The focus on the areas such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta and the Fenhe Plain is the key to strengthen the energy-saving and green development of the industry. The focus is on the following areas: (1) Industrial energy efficiency improvement. It supports the high-efficiency energy-saving technology process of high-efficiency energy-consuming industries, and promotes the general equipment such as high-efficiency energy-saving boiler, motor system and the like, and implements the energy-saving transformation of the system. Promote the integration of the city and promote the utilization of the low-grade industrial waste heat to supply heat to the urban residents. Support the promotion of high-efficiency water-saving technology and equipment, and carry out water-effect lifting and transformation. Support industrial enterprises to implement the traditional energy transformation, promote the green and low-carbon transformation of the energy consumption structure, and encourage the development and utilization of the renewable energy. Support the construction of energy management and control center of key energy-use enterprises, improve the information level of energy management and speed up the construction of green data center. (2) Clean production and transformation. To promote the clean production and transformation of key industrial enterprises such as coking, building materials, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry and printing and dyeing, and to implement ultra-low emission transformation in the steel and other industries, to reduce the production of waste gas, waste water and solid waste from the source. (3) Comprehensive utilization of resources. To support the implementation of the large-scale industrial solid waste comprehensive utilization project. And the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid wastes such as the phosphogypsum, the smelting slag and the tailings of the Yangtze River economic zone is mainly promoted. To promote the comprehensive utilization of the renewable resources, such as waste steel, waste plastics and the like, in the condition of promoting the cement kiln to work together to dispose of the domestic garbage. And the step utilization and re-utilization of the power storage battery of the retired new energy automobile are mainly supported. The key support is to support the R & D application and industrialization promotion of the key process technical equipment, and advance the high-end intelligent re-manufacturing. (4) Construction of green manufacturing system. Support enterprises to participate in the construction of green manufacturing system, create green factories, develop green parks, develop green products and build green supply chain. The key is to support the enterprise and park related to the state-level green manufacturing system.

III. Increase policy support

(i) Enhanced financial support for development in accordance with that principle of the "The project strategy is necessary, the overall risk is controllable, and the business mode is compliant.", the state government has effectively play the role of the main bank of the domestic green credit, and according to the national major plan, the key strategy and the overall planning and arrangement of the local government industrial development, It supports the key projects of industrial energy-saving and green development in the market-oriented way of legal compliance, and promotes the industry to make up the green development short-board. expanding the application scope of the mortgage-supplementary loan fund of the People's Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSL funds) to the field of ecological environmental protection, and providing low-cost fund support to the industrial pollution prevention and control key project which has obtained the commitment of the national credit loan and is in line with the application standard of the PSL in the field of ecological environment protection, It mainly includes energy-saving and environment-friendly technical transformation upgrading, industrial waste gas, waste water and solid waste management, resource regeneration and comprehensive utilization, environmental protection and relocation of industrial enterprises, environmental regulation and the like. (ii) Perfect supporting policy The Ministry of Industry and Information, in collaboration with the State Council, has integrated the support and guidance policies and the green financial means to the enterprises, parks and projects that have received green credit support, and priority is included in the technical transformation. The range of financial special support, such as green manufacturing, realizes the comprehensive application of various means such as finance and taxation, finance and so on, and jointly promotes the industrial energy-saving and green development. Meanwhile, local preferential policies for strengthening the support of green credit projects are encouraged, including, but not limited to, support in terms of project approval, special award, tax preference, etc.

IV. Relevant requirements

(1) The competent departments of the provincial industrial and information departments shall strengthen the connection with the local branches of the national branches, master the development financial credit requirements and the PSL fund support policies, and select the projects with the financing requirements and meet the conditions. Assist the enterprise in the implementation of the relevant loan conditions within the scope of the policy, and use various development financial support policies. (2) The branches of the State Council shall, as the focal area for promoting the high-quality development of the industry, further work on the development and review of the development finance and credit policy. The project to support the PSL fund support policy in the area of green credit and ecological environment protection shall, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the Head Office, timely complete the work of project identification, application receipt and loan fund statistics, implement the issuance and payment of the loan funds, and urge the enterprise to establish the relevant management system. To ensure compliance. (3) The provincial industrial and information authorities and branches of the State Council shall establish a coordination work mechanism, strengthen communication and close cooperation, share the information and the dispatching situation of the industrial green credit project in time, and coordinate the problems and difficulties existing in the financing and construction of the project. The Ministry of Industry and Information (Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division) and the State Council (Evaluation II) shall be submitted to the Ministry of Industry and Information (the Division for Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization) and the State Council for the purpose of timely applying the relevant development financial policy to the problems and suggestions encountered in the work.



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