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Circular of the Ministry of Industry and Information on the Issuance of the Plan of Action of the Industrial and Energy-saving Diagnostic Services


Industrial energy-saving diagnosis is a comprehensive diagnosis of technological equipment, energy utilization efficiency and energy management system of enterprises, which is beneficial to helping enterprises to find energy-use problems, to find energy-saving potential, to improve energy efficiency and energy-saving management level. Since the "XIII.", by improving the energy-saving policies and regulations, improving the standard system, strengthening the energy-saving supervision, promoting the energy-saving technological transformation, the energy efficiency level of the enterprise is continuously improved, and the energy efficiency of the advanced enterprises in some industries has reached the international advanced level. However, the energy-saving consciousness is weak, the technical force is not enough, the management system is not sound and so on, the gap between the energy efficiency level of the enterprises in different regions and the industry is still large, the enterprise further energy-saving and energy-saving, and the demand for reducing the cost and efficiency is very urgent. In order to meet the energy-saving demand of the enterprise, support the deep-cut energy-saving potential of the enterprise, continuously improve the energy efficiency level of the industry, and promote the green development of the industry, and formulate the plan of action in accordance with the Industrial Green Development Plan of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

First. General requirements

In accordance with the principle of enterprise's voluntary, in accordance with the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry and the requirements of the "take-out clothes" reform, on the basis of continuing to strengthen the energy consumption management of the enterprise and increasing the energy-saving monitoring, the energy-saving service should be strengthened continuously and the market-oriented mechanism should be improved. Focus on the enterprise and the industry with weak energy management base, increase the work force of energy-saving diagnostic service, and make the industry energy-saving gradually move to the industry and the small and medium-sized enterprises in-depth and in-depth promotion and promotion. Considering the characteristics and needs of the region and the industry, the top-level design of the diagnosis and service work shall be made, and the respective advantages of the competent departments of industry and information at all levels, the trade association, the marketing organization of the energy-saving and diagnosis service and the enterprise shall be fully realized, We will actively explore the promotion model of the government's guidance and market mechanism, and implement it in a step-by-step manner to ensure the effectiveness. In the near term, the energy-saving diagnosis service is implemented for more than 3,000 key enterprises every year, and a number of market-oriented organizations of energy-saving diagnosis service are cultivated, and a number of key industry energy-saving diagnostic standards are set up, and efforts are made to build a diagnostic service system combining the public welfare and the market-oriented.

Second. Main tasks

(1) Determination of the diagnostic service object

1. Enterprises that support weak energy management are fully engaged in the diagnosis. It is mainly in the fields of machinery, electric, electronic, light industry, textile and other industries. In the year, the annual comprehensive energy consumption is between 5,000 and 10,000 tons of standard coal (the consumption of raw coal is about 7,000 to 15000 tons respectively, the annual crude oil consumption is about 3500 to 7000 tons, and the annual natural gas consumption is about 4 million to 8 million cubic meters, The energy-saving diagnosis is fully supported by enterprises with a comprehensive power consumption of about 40 to 80 million kilowatts in the year.

2. To guide the special diagnosis in the high energy consumption industry. mainly facing the industries of technology, technology, advanced equipment and relatively perfect energy management system, such as steel, building materials, petrochemical and chemical industry, non-ferrous metal and the like, in which the annual comprehensive energy consumption is more than 10,000 tons of standard coal (the raw coal consumption is about 15000 tons, respectively, The annual crude oil consumption is over 7000 tons, the annual natural gas consumption is about 8 million cubic meters or more, the annual comprehensive electricity consumption is about 80 million kilowatts (above) enterprises, and encourages the independent development of special energy-saving diagnosis.

(2) Specify the content of the diagnosis service

3. To make good use of energy, energy efficiency and energy management for three aspects of energy utilization, energy efficiency and energy management around the production process and main technical equipment of the enterprise. First, the energy consumption composition and consumption of the enterprise are approved, the energy balance sheet of the enterprise is compiled, the comprehensive energy consumption of the enterprise is accounted for, and the weak links and the outstanding problems of the energy utilization are found. The second is to calculate the energy consumption of the main process of the enterprise and the comprehensive energy consumption of the unit product in combination with the characteristics of the industry, to evaluate the energy efficiency level and the actual operation of the main energy-use equipment, and to analyze the application potential of the high-efficiency energy-saving equipment and the advanced energy-saving technology. The third is to check the implementation of energy management measures such as the setting of energy management posts, the allocation of energy measuring instruments and the establishment and implementation of the energy statistics system.

4. The energy efficiency of coal-fired boiler and kiln is analyzed, and the potential of energy-saving and technological transformation is analyzed. The coal-fired system of the boiler, such as light industry, textile and other industries, analyzes the application potential of high-efficiency pulverized coal combustion, industrial-level circulating fluidized bed combustion, automatic control and remote monitoring technology, and the steel industry mainly diagnoses the blast furnace and the coke oven, and analyzes the high-parameter gas power generation, The recovery and utilization of the waste heat of the coke oven ascending pipe and the potential for recycling the low-temperature waste heat recovery and utilization technology; the building material industry is mainly used for diagnosing the burning system of the cement rotary kiln, analyzing the application potential of the thermal efficiency improvement technology, analyzing the advanced coal gasification technology in the petrochemical industry, and refining, coal chemical and calcium carbide, The application potential of low-grade waste heat high-efficiency recovery technology in the industries of sulfuric acid, carbon black and the like.

5. The energy efficiency of the motor system and the electric kiln is analyzed, and the application potential of the advanced energy-saving equipment is analyzed. The mechanical industry focuses on the application potential of transmission machinery, mining machinery, analysis switch reluctance motor speed regulation system, large elastic displacement non-contact synchronous permanent magnet transmission, etc. The light industry has the key to diagnose industrial air-conditioning, commercial air-conditioning and so on, to analyze the application potential of the photovoltaic direct-drive variable-frequency air-conditioning technology; The steel industry focuses on the electric furnace steel-making process, analyzes the full-automatic closed charging technology, the application potential of the waste steel preheating technology, the non-ferrous metal industry diagnosis of the electrolytic aluminum electrolytic cell, the analysis of the current strengthening technology, the technology application potential of the novel structure electrolytic cell; The petrochemical industry focuses on the production of calcium carbide, and analyzes the application potential of the short-net comprehensive compensation technology.

6. The energy efficiency of the energy conversion equipment of the fuel gas boiler, the kiln and the oil and gas resource is diagnosed according to the process equipment dominated by oil and gas consumption, and the energy-saving technology application and the energy conversion efficiency improvement potential are analyzed. The key diagnostic fuel gas-fired boiler system of light industry and textile industry is to analyze the potential of coal reduction and gas substitution. The key analysis of building materials industry is to analyze the application potential of large-tonnage kiln, one-kiln multi-line forming technology and ceramic kiln with low-temperature fast-burning and wide-section large-scale kiln. The petrochemical and chemical industry has the potential to analyze the application potential of the plate-type air-cooling technology, the enhanced heat transfer technology in the ethylene production and application radiation furnace tube, the application of energy-saving natural gas conversion technology in the production of synthetic ammonia, and the like in the petrochemical industry.

(3) to promote the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation

7. After the diagnosis is completed, the market-oriented organization of energy-saving diagnosis service should assist enterprises to analyze and apply the diagnosis results, put forward suggestions for energy-saving transformation around production technology, technical equipment, system optimization, operation management and so on, and evaluate the expected comprehensive benefits. Enterprises are encouraged to connect with market-oriented organizations of energy-saving services, providers of energy-saving technology and equipment, to implement energy-saving technical transformation by means of contract energy management, and to track the implementation of the project and evaluate the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

(4) strengthening the capacity-building of diagnostic services

8. Open selection and cultivation of a number of excellent qualifications, good reputation, professional energy-saving diagnosis service market-oriented organization and expert team. According to the main process equipment and energy consumption characteristics of different industries, the key contents and models of energy saving diagnosis are combed and refined by different industries, and the guidelines and standards of energy saving diagnosis are organized and compiled. Release excellent cases and energy saving transformation project library. Build energy saving diagnosis data platform, establish industry energy structure, process technology, energy efficiency index database. We will strengthen the training of competent departments of industry and information energy conservation in various localities, market-oriented organizations of energy-saving diagnosis services, and energy-saving managers of industrial enterprises, interpret energy-saving laws and regulations, and policies and standards, and popularize energy-saving advanced technology and equipment.

Third, safeguard measures

(1) strengthen organizational leadership. The competent departments of industry and information technology in various localities should fully understand the important role of energy saving diagnosis work in promoting green development, coordinate energy saving standards, supervision, technical transformation and other work, separate industry guidance, and formulate feasible energy saving diagnosis service measures. Give full play to the advantages of industry associations, energy-saving diagnostic services market-oriented organizations and enterprises, and form a joint force of work. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will issue a key work plan for energy saving diagnosis every year.

(2) to increase policy support. Make use of industrial energy saving and green manufacturing and other related budget funds to support the development of energy saving diagnosis services. We should make full use of the existing policy means such as green manufacturing, energy saving and emission reduction, do a good job in the follow-up and follow-up service of diagnosis, make comprehensive use of financial and financial means such as technological transformation, green credit, and so on, and support the energy-saving transformation projects implemented according to the diagnostic results. Areas in a position to do so are encouraged to introduce supporting support policies.

(3) to do a good job in promoting and exchanging. The energy saving diagnosis work of industrial enterprises is summarized in time, the propaganda of typical cases and work innovation mode is increased, and the problems found are improved in time. Carry out energy saving diagnosis and communication in industrial enterprises and strive to improve the level of energy saving in industrial enterprises.


To carry out diagnostic work, we must follow the principle of voluntary participation of enterprises and must not increase the additional burden of enterprises. Choose good reputation, strong professional market-oriented organization, adopt contract energy management and other market-oriented energy-saving service models to provide high-quality, efficient and standardized energy-saving diagnosis services for enterprises. The competent departments of industry and information technology at all levels should strengthen guidance, put an end to compulsory services, and impose fees. To deal with violations to increase the burden of enterprises in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law.