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Investigation and Inspection of Power Consumption on the Island of Yuedong Oilfield of Tianshi Group


On May 23,2017, the electricity utilization situation on the island of the east oil field was measured and the electricity utilization on the three islands was measured. There are a total of 10 transformers on the island. The transformer has a low loading rate and the temperature of the transformer is high. According to the equipment situation on the island, it can be judged that the harmonic is caused by the harmonic wave, the voltage harmonic quantity on the test island is the lowest 12%, the current harmonic quantity is 30%, the voltage is stable, and the voltage is up to 400v.

The average electricity price on the island is 0.62 yuan. The transformer belt on the island is low in load, and it is hoped to solve the harmonic problem by our company.

In addition, the island's natural gas situation is known, and the island of A is now 1 million cubic meters/ day not applied, and the 40,000 cubic meters of the island are used for the boiler (the amount of gas is not very stable), the number of the C islands is not much, and the C-to-gas well is intended to be developed on the day of day. At present, the transmission is preliminarily proved; the problem of natural gas power generation is that the amount of gas is not stable; secondly, the electricity consumption on the island is less than a certain amount, and the capacity increase of the electric power department will be increased a lot.