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Tian EnLu Visited Wuhan University Of Technology for Business Cooperation

On the morning of March 12, 2019, Liu tomorrow, president of Tianenlu (China) Enterprise Group, and Lou Jinbo, chief executive director of war work and product marketing, met with Zhao Jing, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University of Technology, in Conference Room 202 of Wuhan University of Technology. Accompanied by Deputy Secretary Zhao Jing, Xu Hongbo, director of the Social Cooperation and Alumni work Department of the school, Zhao Weifeng, deputy director of the Party and Government Office, and Ding Zhiwei, deputy director of the Department of Social Cooperation and Alumni work, Yuan Dachao, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry-University-Research Cooperation of the Center for Scientific and technological Cooperation and Achievement Transformation.

President Tian Enlu thanked the school for its warm reception. He said Tianen Lu (China) Enterprise Group attached great importance to cooperation with Wuhan University of Technology. Hope that through this visit, in-depth exchanges, and school related disciplines to carry out scientific research cooperation, talent training and other aspects of cooperation. And hope to make use of the platform of the China Industrial Energy Saving and Cleaner production Association directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to enhance exchanges, deepen cooperation and promote the in-depth development of school-enterprise cooperation. The chief executive of the group introduced the current situation of the development of the group.

Deputy Secretary Zhao Jing welcomed the visit of Tianenlu Group and expressed the hope that he would take advantage of the visit of President Liu tomorrow to have an in-depth understanding of communication, exchange views on cooperation, and build a platform for the common development of schools and enterprises and the widening of cooperation. Zhao Weifeng, deputy director of the Party and Government Office, introduced the basic situation of the school.

After the meeting, Tian Enlu Group and his party, accompanied by Xu Hongbo, director of the Social Cooperation Department of Wuhan University of Technology, and Ding Zhiwei, deputy director, went to the Institute of Automotive Engineering and the Institute of Communications. The College of Energy and Power Engineering and the Institute of Logistics Engineering have conducted research and related project docking.


[Data] Wuhan University of Science and Technology is the first batch of key universities directly under the national "211 Project" to be included in the key construction of the National "211 Project." the first batch of key universities directly under the National "double first Class Plan" construction universities, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport, The State Bureau of Defense Science, Technology and Industry has jointly built colleges and universities. With the practice of educating people for a long time, the school has formed a thought system with distinctive characteristics: it has established the university ideal of "building an excellent university that satisfies the people and makes the world admire it", the university spirit of "being knowledgeable and erudite, pursuing excellence", "educating people first," The idea of "academic supremacy", the excellent educational idea of "carrying out excellent education, cultivating outstanding talents and creating excellent life". The school has formed a discipline professional system which mainly focuses on engineering, science, economics, art, literature, law and other disciplines, such as mutual penetration and coordinated development. At present, there are 19 first-tier discipline doctoral degree authorization points, 46 first-tier discipline master's degree authorization points, 17 postdoctoral research mobile stations, 16 master's degree authorization categories and 40 master's degree authorization fields. Materials, engineering and chemistry have entered the top 5 per thousand of the world ESI ranking. In 2018, the school entered the THE World University ranking, US News World University ranking, the ARWU World University academic ranking and the QS Asian University ranking at the same time.