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Xingning Wheel-Shaft Generator Project

  Schematic diagram of axle drive   

  Main Technical Indicators of Gearbox Driven Variable Speed Constant Frequency Shaft Generator  

Gearbox Drive Shaft Generator Requirements:

Generator connection mode: The generator is a decomposed axle-holding brush-electric excitation generator. The generator Harvard is installed on the middle axle of the main engine, and the assembly is synchronized with the tail axle of the main engine.



◆ Generator Connection Mode:The free end of the main engine is used to increase the speed-increasing gear box to drive the shaft generator, and the gear box ratio is 1:5.

◆ Generator operating speed range:900-1225R/min 

◆ Speed range of axle engine matching main engine:73.5%-100%

◆ Generator Protection Level:IP23

◆ Generator rated power:120KW

◆ Generator rated frequency:50HZ

◆ Generator wiring form:Y-type three-phase three-wire system

◆ Generator Insulation Class:H

◆ Generator Working Mode:Continuous

◆ Generator excitation mode:electric excitation

◆ Generator Cooling Mode:Electrically Controlled Fan (or Water Cooling)

◆ Generator pole logarithm:P=6

◆ Generator weight:615kg



Project Name:Xingning Wheel-Shaft Generator System

Equipment load:120kw

Installation equipment::Electrically excited 6-pole generator is used to generate electricity in the full speed range of the main engine. The return period of the project is 10 months, and the maintenance period of the on-line machine is prolonged by 1.8 times.

Xingning Wheel-Shaft Generator Project


Technical Requirements for Constant Frequency and Constant Voltage Control Cabinet:


◆ Bus Voltage of Control Cabinet :250V

◆ Rated Output Power of Control Cabinet:120KW

◆ Rated Output Frequency of Control Cabinet:60HZ

◆ Rated output voltage of control cabinet:230V


Output Voltage Curve of Shaft Generator System (Generator+Control Cabinet):


Output power curve of shaft generator system (generator + control cabinet):


  Schematic Diagram of Speed-Voltage Curve and Speed-Power Curve of Axle Generator